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Destination: Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Incredible wind statistic combined with one of the most exotic destinations – Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka.

Definitely the most exotic destination in our range. Already before Kitesurfing came about, Sri Lanka stirred traveller’s blood. Being unreachable to most of them for almost a decade due to political problems and natural catastrophe, it opened its gates again. In the last few years kitesurfers worldwide discovered it’s almost perfect conditions and started touring the coastline of this lovely island nation.

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    People & Country

    Kalpitiya is located in the north, which is less frequently visited by tourism. Only in the last couple of years travelers and investors are starting to explore this area. Although the conflict between Sinhalese and Tamils suggest a divide, Sri Lanka is multi cultural country, where different demographic groups are living in peace and harmony close together. Buddhism is the official religion, but you also will find Christians, Muslims and Hindus. As far as most of the island you will search in vain for good infrastructure. Sri Lanka is just at the beginning of a long development process, which you now can see everywhere along the streets. The consequence is: Elephants, monkeys and other  exotic inhibitors of wildlife you find almost everywhere and not only in the national parks.
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    D&D KiteStation Kalpitiya

    It is no secret why we have chosen Sri Lanka for setting up our second base. After evaluating the lagoon and the conditions, we have found the ideal place for you. Our station is on the property of Ruuk Village, a nature friendly eco lodge style accommodation, who shares our philosophy and fits perfect into our range. Built with environmental friendly materials, you will soon be able to unwind and feel free in between palm trees and tropical sunshine. Of course you will find everything you need directly on site: rental, storage, chill out area & repair. Drinks and food are available in the eco lodge restaurant.
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    Wind & Conditions

    Sri Lanka has two wind directions engraved in the sand. From May to September the wind blows with 5-7 Btf. from the South West. From December to March the wind comes from the opposite, North East. During the summer season the wind is a little more reliable and can get really strong, but a bit gustier. During the winter season you still get at least 4-5 wind days per week with stable trade winds. Owing to the huge sandbank on at the west side of the lagoon, Kalpitiya has a huge protected area. Not only does it greate amazing flat water conditions, but also your safety can be guaranteed at all time. Offshore wind with hundred a percent safety – this is unique in the world. There is huge shallow area that is made for teaching and makes it perfect for beginners. Intermediate and advanced riders will find an El Dorado for freestyle, waves and free ride.

Our D&D Station Service

  1. Storage & Services

    Store your equipment safely at our station. Get help with setting up your equipment and feel safe on the beach. Wifi is also available as well as shower, toilet & chill out area.
  2. Repair

    We can do all kinds of repair at your kites and boards.
  3. Rental

    Choose between a wide range of boards and kites. Try different types of equipment for waves, flat water and freeride.

Choose your Accommodation

  • Ruuk Village

    Full Board


    At "Ruuk Village", with its eco friendly wooden cabanas, luxury can be experienced in its natural form. You can choose between 5 standard cabanas with private open air shower and shared WCs or  3 brand new wooden cabanas with own WC and shower area as one unit.

  • Ruuk Village

    Half Board


    Besides clean and economical accommodation in cozy wooden cabanas which are solar powered during day time, we will ensure that you also enjoy the local food in all its authenticity.

  • Ruuk Village



    It is not boasting if we say, that Ruuk Village has the best cook in town who prepaes Sri Lankan food. "Ruuk Village" offers you everything you need for very special personalized holiday.

We try to avoid the ordinary paths of tourism – we believe kitesurfing is more than that.
Customized Kite Holiday – individual and unique – this is our philosophy.

Having built years of experience in all our spots, understanding the place and the people helps us provide an unforgettable experience. With the help of our long-term local partners we enhance a great number of trips and activities at each one of our destinations. Of course we have tested every trip personally and assured safety and quality for you.

Find the beach lifestyle you are looking for – and let us do the rest!

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